Buffalo Broccoli Tacos

Happy Friday! Let’s end the week with some tacos! These are a great vegan/vegetarian recipe to enjoy tacos in a healthy way

I know you’ve probably heard of buffalo cauliflower – I’ve made it so many times. It is always delicious and packs such a great punch with the hot sauce. I wanted to take that yummy recipe and make it using broccoli instead. I figured it would work the same and turn out equally well!

The recipe I use for my buffalo cauliflower is originally from Tasty. I always make a few adjustments which I think has made the recipe perfect for me. You can check out my post with all the changes by clicking here –> Buffalo Cauliflower. Today, I followed the exact same directions but used broccoli in place of the cauliflower.

Once I had the cooked broccoli, it was time to assemble my tacos. I got these small flour tortillas, piled in some of the broccoli, then topped with shredded lettuce and fresh diced mango. You could also top everything with a little sour cream or crema (vegan/DF: use DF sour cream), but I enjoyed mine without the extra sauce. Adding some sour cream would also help tame the spicy hot sauce if you wanted it to be a little milder.

These were so tasty. I love the combination of the sweet mango with the spicy broccoli. It worked so well. But also, the buffalo broccoli is a great side dish on its own – you can serve it with a ranch/blue cheese dip.


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