Pasta Piselli

It’s Monday, who’s ready for this week?! I feel like some Mondays (but really any day), I just have no energy to make an “exciting” or “interesting” dish for dinner. But since doing this cookbook challenge, I no longer have to worry about what to make. I can just flip through the book and pick whatever I want. This week’s Thug Kitchen 101 recipe is the Pasta Piselli. *Reminder, if you want to see all the recipes I have made from this cookbook, you can click the link here.

Translated, Pasta Piselli is just pasta with peas. It is a very simple pasta dish that you can put together in about 20 minutes. This recipe also has some sauteed onion and a few cups of fresh spinach for extra green colour and nutrition, but it says those are optional. I will never say no to extra colour and flavour though.

As for seasoning, it is very basic because you really want the peas to shine through. I actually used fresh Ontario green peas which were great here. The “sauce” if I can call it that, is just what is created in the pan when soy sauce, lemon juice, pasta water and nutritional yeast get combined. Those ingredients mix together and the yeast dissolves and coats the pasta very nicely. It almost gets a “cheesy” look which was cool to see.

This was such a tasty pasta. I love the simplicity of the recipe but it was delicious. You can enjoy the flavour of the fresh vegetables and the cheesy nutritional yeast. I did need to add a little extra salt and pepper at the end but that was no big deal. Really good pasta, definitely recommend!


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