Is there a better summer treat than a popsicle? I don’t think so.

Sure you can go out and buy a pack from the store, but they are pretty easy to make yourself too. In addition to simplicity, they are also very customizable. You can make a popsicle out of almost anything. Basically if it tastes good as a smoothie, it will be even better as a popsicle.

Today’s recipe is the Creamsicles from Thug Kitchen 101. A classic creamsicle is an orange popsicle with a vanilla ice cream centre. This version is a lighter and healthier twist. This creamsicle is a mix of oranges, banana, almond milk, yogurt (dairy free), maple syrup and vanilla. It gets blended until smooth, poured into the popsicle molds and then frozen.

It comes out as a creamy and delicious smoothie pop. I like that it wasn’t too sweet and you could really taste the orange and banana in it. This was a very refreshing treat.

The only thing is that for some reason, my blender didn’t fully break up the orange so there were bits of the membrane which was a little weird to eat. I guess that could be my fault though – the recipe said to use segments, but I just used a whole orange, chopped up. I guess the mixture would have been much smoother without the orange membranes.

I still really enjoyed these and I would love to try it with other fruit combinations. I think using berries instead of the orange would be good. Might just have to add a touch more maple syrup to balance the sourness. Another option would be to use peaches – they are in season now so that would be delicious!


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