Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is one of those things that I’ve thought about making for a little while. I always add chia seeds to my overnight oatmeal so I figured it was time to make some pudding. If you’ve ever had tapioca pudding, this is quite similar.

The recipe I used is from Feel Good Foodie (link here). It was only 3 ingredients – chia seeds, milk, sweetener – so it couldn’t be easier! It only takes about 2 minutes to prepare but it has to sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours until the chia soaks up all the liquid. I used almond milk and maple syrup so it was vegan, but any milk or sweetener would work. I made mine in these cute little jars and it was the perfect amount for a snack or light breakfast.

I don’t know exactly how to describe the texture of chia pudding but it is a little bit slimy so I didn’t really enjoy it on its own. But once I added some blueberries (but any fruit would be good), it was much more enjoyable. You could also scoop it out into a bowl and top with granola or nuts. Chia pudding is a great base for any toppings.

Even though I had a small jar of the pudding, I was surprised how full I was after eating. That’s the power of chia – it’s good for you and keeps you satisfied.

Honestly I don’t know if I would make it again but I will definitely keep adding chia to my oatmeal.


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