My Own Birthday Cake

It’s my birthday!! Well actually my birthday was earlier this week but this is my celebratory post!

Does anyone else like to bake their own birthday cake, or is it just me? I just love to cook/bake so it makes sense that I would make my cake (and eat it) too. Plus, since I started my cookie business (Lindsay Bakes) I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to add some cookie to the mix!

I made a basic vanilla cake, recipe adapted from a recipe I found online (cake recipe here). The original recipe for this cake was actually lemon flavoured (which I have made and is delicious) but I just swapped the lemon juice for extra milk (equal substitution), and added 1 tsp vanilla extract instead of lemon zest. It is a very nice and fluffy cake but sturdy enough to be stacked as I did. I baked it in a 8×8 pan and then when it was cool, I cut it in half to make 2-8×4 rectangles.

Like I mentioned before, I added some cookie in here. I baked some confetti cookie dough in the same 8×8 pan and cut then cut in half as well. So that gave me a total of 4 layers of equal size.

To stick these layers together and cover them up, I made a simple buttercream frosting. This recipe is from Sally’s Baking Addiction (link here). It was a very simple mix of butter (make sure it’s soft), icing sugar, cream and vanilla. My butter may have been a little too soft because it was quite warm in my house but the frosting still turned out amazing. It was super creamy and rich but light at the same time. I made one batch of the icing and it ended up being the perfect amount. I used most of it for between the layers and outside and then I dyed the rest with pink food colouring and iced that all around afterwards.

I kept the decorations pretty simple with a cute border of colourful confetti sprinkles. I’m really happy with how this cake turned out and it was a very sweet way to celebrate my birthday!


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  1. Alphe says:

    Happy birthday 🙂 I always bake my birthday cakes myself haha, I just love to bake and everyone knows it – and since I don’t have a cake business or anything of that type, I just neeeeed to use every opportunity to bake something fancy!


    1. Thank you! That’s a very good reason, I find baking so much fun!

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