Pineapple Cucumber Slushie

Who doesn’t love a cold beverage? They are perfect to keep cool in the summer, especially with the recent heat wave that has impacted many areas.

This is the Pineapple-Cucumber Slushie from Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook. I haven’t had a slushie in so long, I used to get them at the gas station when I was younger. Making them yourself is so much healthier and equally refreshing!

Aside from pineapple and cucumber, there is also mint, ice and a liquid – I used coconut water, but the other options in the recipe were pineapple juice or white grape juice. This was a super tropical and bright slushie. I love the addition of the fresh mint, it was reminding me of a mojito!

Also, I’ve never really had cucumber in a drink but it adds a cool aspect. If you don’t like the flavour of cucumber, you may not like this slushie because it is quite pronounced. I guess you could always just increase the proportion of pineapple to cucumber to scale down the taste. I got a great pineapple so it added a good amount of sweetness to this drink but it definitely was not overly sweet. It was balanced well by the more savoury cucumber and mint.

Last thing to note is that I made this non-alcoholic but you could add some rum to turn this into an adult beverage.

Just imagine sitting on a beach, soaking up some rays and drinking this slushie. Life would be good. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t on a beach right now, but backyard drinking is close enough! With rum or not, this drink is perfect for a hot summer day!


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