Homemade Almond Joys

Have you ever tried making a homemade version of a candy bar? This was a first time for me!

I picked Almond Joys which is made of a sweetened coconut mixture and whole almonds, covered in melted chocolate. They are very similar to Mounds, but those do not have almonds. I chose almond joy because I had a lot of shredded coconut laying around my house.

The recipe I used is from Joy the Baker (link here). This was a relatively simple recipe to make because there are very few components and not a lot of cooking involved. So if you have a sweet tooth, I suggest you keep reading.

Like I mentioned, there are 3 main components to this candy bar.

  1. Coconut mixture: unsweetened shredded coconut is mixed with sweet condensed milk, powdered sugar, vanilla and salt. It creates a delicious and gooey filling that was delicious on its own.
  2. Toasted almonds: regular almonds are good but toasting them gives so much extra flavour and they become extra crunchy. The almond is a good break from the other sweet components too.
  3. Chocolate: original almond joy is made with milk chocolate but this recipe (and my preference) uses semi-sweet. This also slightly cuts down the sweetness factor. You could even use bittersweet chocolate if you wanted to cut the sugar down more.
Uncoated coconut logs with the almonds

The only thing I have to say is that the chocolate coating was quite a messy process. I used a fork to hold the coconut log and then scooped the chocolate with a spoon to fully coat it. Some of the almonds were shifting out of place too which I tried my best to fix. I managed to get them all coated and some just turned out a little more rustic than the others.

These were such a good treat though. It was still quite on the sweet side, so you only need to have one to be satisfied. If you like coconut, I highly recommend you make these. I like to keep them in the freezer so that the chocolate coating is crunchy when you bite into it.


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