Sweet Potato Fritters

Turning vegetables into crispy pancakes* has been one of my new favourite things recently. I mean, yes it is fried in a little oil, but it’s still healthy right? They aren’t heavily processed and it is just shredded vegetables, so I’m going to say it is definitely more healthy than not.

*I will refer to these as pancakes and fritters, I use the terms almost interchangeably. I know they are different, but in this case, they are rather similar.

A few weeks ago, I made delicious zucchini fritters and now here I am with another yummy post. These are sweet potato fritters, recipe from Simply Quinoa (link here). Obviously, the main ingredient is sweet potato, which I LOVE in pancake form. The outside bits get nice and crispy and the inside is super soft and tender. Side note: any type of potato pancakes are delicious and I eat them a few times a year, one of which is during Chanukah (link here).

Back to these pancakes. Now, there are not many other ingredients in this recipe. It’s just quinoa flour, green onions, egg, salt and pepper, plus oil for frying. I tried to make my own quinoa flour by simply processing raw quinoa until it turns into a fine powder, but my food processor did not cut it (literally). I was unable to make a “flour” from the quinoa so I resorted to using whole wheat flour in its place. I figured it would give sort of the same “nutty” flavour. It also helped with binding everything together. With this flour change, this recipe is no longer gluten free.

I made 1/4 sized scoops for my pancakes and fried them up in coconut oil. They were a little delicate but I was able to flip them without any major casualties. They looked wonderful and I loved the light scent of coconut as they were frying. Just be sure to keep the heat at like medium because otherwise, the potato will not be properly cooked. The edges were golden (you can see all the crispy bits) and I was very excited to dig in.

These were delicious. I love the sweetness (and nutrition) of sweet potato along with the bits of fresh green onion. The recipe serves them with sriracha ketchup but I ate them on their own because I didn’t think they needed a sauce. You know something is good when you don’t need the side of sauce!

Anyways, I really liked these and will definitely make them again. I feel like vegetable pancakes/ fritters are so customizable, you could switch up the veggies or even do a combination of 2 things and it would turn out amazing. Maybe it’s something you will try this weekend!


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