Coconut Lime Rice

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I have been posting a lot of fun summer recipes and I have a lot more coming up soon. Today’s recipe, another from Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook is a simple side dish. This is Coconut Lime Rice. It was a very easy recipe with lots of bright lime and cilantro. There is also a few cloves of garlic which was so fragrant.

The name is called ‘coconut-lime rice’ but to me, the coconut flavour (from coconut oil) didn’t really come through. I think the better name would have been ‘cilantro-lime’ because the cilantro is definitely more dominating. I think I’m just being picky with the name though, the name doesn’t affect the taste.

I really like that the recipe called for brown rice – it is more nutritious and has a nice nutty flavour – instead of white. It’s what I always use when I cook, so I appreciated not having to buy another variety of rice.

This rice dish pairs well with any Mexican/Latin meals, such as burritos or fajitas. It would also be great as a base for a taco bowl. It’s a good base for almost anything you can throw at it. I actually served mine with some roasted salmon and broccoli, it was all perfect together.


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