Sticky Lemon Tofu

Are you looking for a nice mid-week vegetarian dinner idea? I’ve made quite a few tofu recipes over the years, so today I was on the hunt for something different. I came across a tasty sounding lemon tofu recipe online and I thought it would be delicious. I will never say no to citrus flavoured foods too, it just makes everything so bright and a little sour.

This recipe was from Vegan on Board blog (link here). The process of preparing the tofu was so simple and straightforward. Also, it was ready in about 25 minutes which is the perfect timing to cook up some rice to serve alongside. The main steps are coating the tofu cubes in cornstarch and pan-frying, making the sauce and then tossing with the tofu.

Coating the tofu with cornstarch helps it get a little crispy, which adds texture. If you are not a big tofu fan in general, I would recommend this cooking method because it almost hides the fact that it is tofu. Once you have the crispy tofu, you could go any direction with flavours. Making this lemon sauce is definitely a good option. Another good choice would be making a peanut sauce and tossing the crispy tofu in that. Yum.

This lemon sauce is packed with ginger, garlic, soy sauce and lemon (juice and zest), so there is no lack of flavour here. There is also some sugar which helps with the sweet and sour balance. There is cornstarch in the sauce too which helps thicken it up. The thick (almost goopy) consistency of the sauce is very reminiscent of take-out lemon chicken, but this is way healthier.

You should definitely check out the recipe because it was delicious. There is a very high chance I will make this again, but I might cut down the sugar a touch just to make the bright lemon flavour more pronounced.


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