Zucchini Corn Fritters

It’s really been feeling like summer the past couple of weeks and I’m loving it. I’ve wanted to make more “summery” foods and I feel like these fritters are an awesome start. Zucchini and corn are two foods that I commonly associate with this time of the year. They are super fresh and bright. I also love how sweet they get when cooked.

I found this recipe from a blog called Cozy Peach Kitchen (link here). This is a vegan recipe that uses flax seed instead of egg to help bind everything together. I was very intrigued to see if the fritters would indeed stay as one piece when cooking.

There seemed to be a lot of dry ingredients used here, including 1/2 cup of flour, so I was a little concerned that they would not work out. You can click the recipe to see all the details, but the only wet ingredients are 1 tablespoon of water as well as any excess moisture from the zucchini and corn.

The recipe says to mix all the ingredients together (veggies, seasonings, flour) to create a BATTER and then it has to rest for a few minutes. I never got a batter consistency, mine was more chunky, but letting the mixture rest really helped. The flour, water/vegetable moisture and flax created like a paste which stuck to the zucchini and corn, so I was able to easily scoop 1/4 cup portions into the frying pan.

Cooking these fritters was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be. Once you scoop the mixture into the oiled pan, they have to cook for a few minutes before you try to flip them. The flour will give them structure, just like in a typical pancake, and then they should flip with ease. They got golden brown on both sides and there were some little crispy bits which were a delicious bonus.

These turned out so well. They are perfectly seasoned with garlic, basil, paprika, salt and pepper. The flavours of the fresh vegetables really shines through. They are a great appetizer or side dish. I will definitely make these again.


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