Oven Fried Pickles

Last week I made those delicious jalapeno poppers (link here). They were cheesy, crunchy and a little spicy. They were so tasty. Now I’m here to make another classic pub snack. Breaded pickles.

I feel like this is quite the polarizing recipe because pickles themselves are either loved or hated by people. But I think if you love pickles, you will love them even more when they’re breaded.

I obviously am in the pickle-lovers group so I was very excited to make these today. I’ve eaten breaded pickles at restaurants before and they are typically always fried. It gives you the most crunch and it’s just very satisfying.

But, I’m not a fan of frying. So I was happy to find this recipe from a blog called For the Love of Cooking (link here). These pickles are breaded and BAKED so they still have the same crunch factor but they are incredibly healthier because there is minimal oil involved.

These are made with a 3 step breading process: seasoned flour, beaten egg and panko bread crumbs. The pickles get well-coated and well-flavoured. The only change I made was using pickle spears instead of slices, I just wanted the more classic look.

They turned out really well. The panko got golden brown and it was so crispy. I also liked the flavour from all the spices in the flour (onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, oregano). I served mine with simple chipotle mayo (1 tsp adobo sauce + 1/4 cup mayonnaise). I think sriracha mayo would be delicious here too.

These were such an easy snack and I will definitely make them again because I always have pickles in my fridge.


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