Sweet Potato Muffins

It’s Friday! We’ve made it to the weekend. It’s time to relax and take it easy. Why not do a little baking. How about some muffins?

I made these sweet potato muffins, recipe from Feel Good Foodie (link here). I’ve made all kinds of muffins before with a variety of fresh ingredients like apples, bananas or berries, but I have never made some using potato. These were very easy muffins to make and the recipe is actually vegan which made these even more intriguing to me.

Normally with muffins, you need some wet ingredients, such as eggs, milk and butter. However, since this recipe is vegan, you will not find any of those here. Instead, this muffin uses predominantly the moisture from mashed sweet potato, as well as some refrigerated coconut (or other non dairy) milk. But it is important to note that the recipe uses refrigerated coconut milk, not canned. I actually used almond milk because that’s what I had on hand.

The sweet potato added a lot of nutrition (ie. vitamin A), as well as some colour. But it also did a very good job at making these muffins light and fluffy. They were so moist and perfectly sweetened – there was some coconut/granulated sugar added to the mix. Further with the nutrition of these muffins, I love that they are made with 100% whole wheat flour which adds more fibre.

The last main component of these muffins was a little spoon of almond butter (I used peanut) to the tops before baking. It is supposed to get swirled into the batter but I found that to be somewhat challenging, so mine mostly stayed on top. They still baked up the same. I really liked the extra richness that the peanut butter added. I think you could totally just skip the nut butter if you wanted to make these muffins nut-free.

These were quite tasty and the perfect little snack. I tried one with a little bit of strawberry jam and it went really well together.

Thinking back to my posts over the past few weeks, including this one, I’ve used about 1/2 jar of peanut butter total. It was so worth it though, I love peanutty treats. If you want to check out those recipes, you can click their links here: peanut butter dip, PB & J cookies, puppy chow.

That’s all for now. I hope you have a great weekend!


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