Puppy Chow

I know I’ve posted a few sweets in the past couple of weeks but I see nothing wrong with that. Who doesn’t like sweets! I’m loving how easy all the dessert recipes have been as well!

This week’s Monday recipe from Thug Kitchen 101 is Puppy Chow. I’ve heard of this treat before but never eaten or made it. I’m not sure why though because it is such a simple thing to prepare! It is made of chex cereal that is coated in chocolate and peanut butter and then tossed in icing sugar. That’s it. Plus, it takes like 10 minutes to make.

I have no idea where the name “puppy chow” comes, maybe because it sort of looks like dog kibble? I guess that does not sound very appealing, does it? No matter, it is a deliciously sweet snack that I can assume tastes nothing like dog food.

The semi sweet chocolate used in this recipe helps to cut some of the sweetness but this is still quite a sugary snack. Because of that, I can’t ‘chow’ down on too much of this at a time and I make sure to have water on hand to drink.

With that being said though, this was still a really nice snack. The chex cereal stays nice and crunchy which I loved. And of course, I enjoyed the peanut butter and chocolate combination.

I will probably make this again but with one adjustment. I will mix the prepared puppy chow with some pretzels to make a sort of party mix. That will add even more crunch and I feel like the salty component will work very well with the rest of the sweetness, as well as giving more balance.

I hope you all have a sweet week ahead!


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