Happy meatless Monday! This week’s Thug Kitchen 101 recipe is a new one for me. The dish is called Mujaddara which is made with rice, lentils and caramelized onions. Those are the big components and they are seasoned with lots of fragrant Middle Eastern spices. It was quite an interesting recipe to read through because I couldn’t exactly imagine how it would turn out.

But we know how much I love to try new recipes and new cuisines – which is why I am cooking through my third cookbook now – so I was excited to try this Mujaddara. Sometimes you have to actually follow a recipe and see how it goes. You could be surprised with the results.

This was quite a delicious meal. I was definitely surprised, in a good way. I didn’t think brown rice, green lentils, a whole bunch of caramelized onions, as well as spinach and seasonings would be a sufficient dinner. But it was. The lentils have lots of protein and fibre which helps to make you full and satiated.

With each bite, you get a little of everything, which I liked. The rice and lentils have a little texture and the onions give incredible sweetness. Plus, it is all seasoned with paprika (regular and smoked), cumin, cinnamon, so it was so flavourful. I did have to add about 1/2 tsp extra salt at the end but I think that’s because I didn’t salt the water when I cooked the rice or lentils, so I had to make up for that.

Overall this was a really yummy meal. It was also relatively quick to put together once you have the cooked rice and lentils. You could have those cooked and chilling in the morning so that dinner is ready in about 30 minutes in the evening.

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