Spinach Tortillas + Breakfast Tacos

Pretty much since I made my own tapioca pearls for bubble tea (link here), I’ve wondered what other things I could make with tapioca flour (aka tapioca starch). And then it hit me – what about tortillas? I figured there had to be a recipe out there for such a thing and I was right!

I found this incredibly easy recipe from the Ela Vegan blog (link here) and there were only 5 ingredients! The original recipe calls for chickpea flour, but I substituted all purpose instead. (Note: my flour substitution made the recipe not-gluten free). The other ingredients are tapioca flour, water, spinach and salt. Everything get blended until smooth and creamy. The mixture has a similar consistency to pancake batter and the colour was beautiful bright green from all the spinach.

Typically, tortillas are made with a dough and get rolled out before cooking. These tortillas were unique in that they are made with a batter so they are much easier to cook. The cooking process was basically like making pancakes – pour batter into pan, cook first side, flip, cook second side. The result is a stack of tortillas (I got 9), almost resembling crepes and they are ready to use how you like.

Since the tortillas were quite small (~4″), I thought they would be great in little breakfast tacos. I just made some simply scrambled eggs and diced some avocado. They were super cute and I dashed a little hot sauce for a kick. That’s it. I wanted to keep them relatively simple and not overstuff them or else they would be such a mess to eat.

Let me tell you, if you like the texture of tapioca pearls, you will love these tortillas. They have the same chew factor which sort of confused my brain at first when I was eating. It worked well with the creamy avocado and nicely scrambled egg. And although there is quite a bit of spinach in the batter, you can’t taste it at all, it just gives the beautiful colour but tons of extra nutrition! This was a good breakfast!

And after seeing how green these tortillas were, I wish I had found this recipe in time for St Patty’s Day!


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