Ramen w/ Homemade Broth

Is there anything more comforting than a bowl of chicken noodle soup? To me, this is just the ultimate food to warm me up. Today, I decided to take its classic comfort and add some Japanese flare to make ramen.

I have made ramen before (post here) and it was delicious. That time, I used store-bought soup. But this time, I went the extra mile and made homemade chicken broth. I had a whole roasted chicken for dinner one day and thought the bones would be perfect to make a soup.

I followed a recipe from A Mind Full Mom website (link here). It was so simple to make, using the instant pot. Just had to put all the ingredients in the pot – chicken bones, veggies, spices and water – and pressure cook for 45 minutes. Once it’s cooled down, it needs to be strained and then it’s good to go!

All I added to the broth to make my ramen was a little soy sauce and sriracha. The rest was very easy to do – make soft boiled eggs, cook noodles, chop other ingredients – and then it was time to assemble! I put some corn kernels, shredded cabbage, diced tofu and the noodles in my bowl, spooned some hot broth on top and then finished with the beautiful egg. The only thing I was missing was some green onion.

This was such a good meal. It’s great because there is vegetables, protein and noodles all in one bowl, plus you get a very flavourful broth. You can easily make this vegetarian by using homemade (or store-bought) veggie broth. Definitely recommend making this, or at least just try making your own broth. Really yummy!


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