Hot Chocolate

It’s March which means winter is technically coming to an end very soon. But until the weather gets warmer, I will still drink lots of hot beverages.

In the winter, when I want a hot drink, I will usually make myself some tea. So that’s what I will choose about 90% of the time. But other times, it’s nice to switch things up. That’s where drinks like hot chocolate come into play!

This is the Hot Chocolate recipe from Thug Kitchen 101. I actually don’t think I’ve ever made hot chocolate from scratch before so this was a first. When I was younger, we would just buy the instant packets that you just have to mix with water or milk. The quality and flavour of homemade hot chocolate is so much better than instant.

This one has a combination of cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate chips so it has a lot of dark chocolate flavour. There is some added sugar in the mix to cut the bitterness. I also used oat milk which has natural sugars so that worked well here too.

I really enjoyed this cup of hot chocolate. It was super rich and creamy. I liked the little addition of cinnamon too, gives a nice extra touch of warmth. Instead of marshmallows or whipped cream, I put a little frothed oat milk on top which gave even more creaminess. The cool part about this is how creamy this was, considering I used dairy free milk and dairy free chocolate.

This was just such a good treat and I will probably be making a big batch of the dry mix so I can have hot chocolates any time!


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