Greek Orzo Salad

Here we are, it’s Monday once again which means I am sharing another Thug Kitchen 101 recipe. Today, I have made the Greek Orzo Salad. I knew, even before making this, that I was going to love this salad. Everything about this recipe is totally something I would make on my own, and the only thing I would have normally added (which isn’t in the recipe because it is a vegan book) is some feta cheese.

I really like regular greek salad so mixing that with orzo (which is a delicious little pasta) makes it even better! If you haven’t done a lot of cooking with orzo, you need to start. It’s great for any pasta salad and has such a cool texture. It worked really well here with all the fresh vegetables to give a nice variety of textures. This was also definitely one colourful salad!

Another thing that was surprisingly good here was the fresh dill. I have only used dill to make pickles but throwing it into a salad is genius! You have to try it. Yes, using fresh vegetables is a great way to add freshness to a recipe, but fresh herbs, like dill in this case, take the freshness level way up.

The only change I really made to this recipe was regarding the quantity of dressing. Since the recipe says to pour 2/3 of the dressing onto the salad and then add more later if desired, I just decided to only make 2/3 of the recipe and just pour it all on right away. I don’t like my salads super “wet” so I figured it would be perfect for me. And it was, I didn’t need any extra dressing. It was great as is, very flavourful with the garlic and dried herbs. It was also not too acidic which I find is often the case with other vinaigrettes.

This was just a great salad/side dish. Since I have quite a bit of leftovers, I may have some for lunch tomorrow with added chickpeas for a little protein boost. Yummy!

Hope you have a great week!


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