Big Macs

I know recreating fast food menu items has been around for a long time. You could watch probably hundreds, if not thousands, of videos online of making all sorts of different things. I hadn’t really taken part too much in that, but ever since I made the McMuffins last month (link here), I wanted to see what else I could make.

So here we are. I made a big mac. It has all the same components as the fast food version, except I omitted the raw chopped onion. I think it turned out beautifully, and look how huge that burger is! It was definitely a feat to eat the whole thing.

The best things about making your own version of fast food items is that it’s healthier because you’re using fresh ingredients and it’s cheaper, so you can feed more people for the same amount of money.

I don’t really have a recipe for this because it’s all just assembly. Here are all the components:

  • Bun: my hamburger buns were pre-cut so I used a whole bun + another bottom bun. If yours are not cut, you can just slice it in three
    • Vegan/DF: ensure there is no egg/dairy in bun
  • Beef burgers: two all-beef patties, mine were ~2.5oz each, so ~5oz total per burger
    • Vegetarian/vegan: use 2 veggie burgers
  • Cheese: I used a slice of dairy-free cheddar
    • Non-DF: use real cheese
  • Sauce: there are copycat bigmac sauces out there, but I made a simplified version (3 tbsp mayonnaise, 1 tbsp ketchup, 1 tbsp mustard, 1 tbsp relish)
    • Vegan: use vegan mayonnaise
  • Lettuce: shredded iceberg or romaine
  • Pickle: sliced dill pickle
  • Onion: simple chopped white onion

Here is the order of assembling the burger if you want to make it exactly the same way I did:

Bottom bun, sauce, onion, lettuce, cheese, patty #1, middle bun, sauce, lettuce, pickle, patty #2, top bun

This was delicious. Definitely recommend making this if you’re a fan of the original fast food item. If you wanted a smaller version of this, you could just use one burger bun with one patty and all the other toppings. My family was very impressed when I came out with a burger of this size!


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