Broccoli & Potato Soup

Happy February! If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, you should have received that this morning. It was full of good announcements, including that I am selling home-baked cookies! If you live in the Richmond Hill, Ontario area, you can order some fresh cookies. I currently have 5 flavours available, so check out my Facebook or Instagram if you’re interested in purchasing. πŸ™‚

Now let’s get to this soup. Since it’s Monday, this is a recipe from Thug Kitchen 101 Cookbook. This is the Broccoli & Potato Soup. I eat soup probably once a week in the winter time, so I was very excited to make a creamy veggie soup.

Similar to the Mac n Cheese that I made last week (also from this cookbook), this soup has russet potato which helps make it so rich and creamy, once blended. Usually broccoli soups have cheese in them, but since this is a vegan cookbook, this one has a little nutritional yeast to give some of that same salty flavour.

It was really tasty though, perfectly seasoned but not too salty. I also like the addition of lemon juice and zest, gives a little brightness.

If you’ve made vegetable soups before and they’re all watery and thin, you have to try adding some potato to it. The starch really helps to thicken it up and makes it so creamy and delicious. You can hardly even tell there’s a whole head of broccoli!

This is just a really warming soup, great for lunch or dinner. Serve this with maybe a grilled cheese and you got dinner ready to go!


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