(Easier than Pie) Soda Bread

I’ve never done much bread baking, I just don’t have the patience to wait for dough to rise or energy for kneading. But, when a quick bread or something similar comes up, I’ll happily make it. This Easier than Pie Soda Bread from Thug Kitchen cookbook seemed pretty easy and approachable to make.

The recipe was quite straightforward with only 7 ingredients. I did make my own oat flour to use here which turned out pretty well. The dough started off well but then it just seemed to be too wet, even after adding extra flour. I didn’t want to add too much flour so eventually I put it in the pan, sprinkled with sesame seeds like they did in the picture and hoped for the best.

It didn’t bake super evenly though for some reason. The top half of it was well-cooked with a nice and crunchy crust. But the bottom was a little gummy and underdone. I’m not sure the science of what went wrong, maybe I just had to bake it at a lower temperature oven?

The good thing is that it tasted pretty good. Once you slice and toast it, put a little butter or cream cheese, it was a nice little snack.

I definitely appreciate how easy this bread was so make but I’m not sure I would make it again. I would maybe try baking it in a 8×8 dish instead of loaf pan – it would be flatter – but it would be thoroughly cooked.

I don’t think I’ve ever had soda bread so I’m not even sure what it is supposed to be like. If you have any thoughts/comments about my experience, please let me know!!


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  1. WhyToStop says:

    This looks so good


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