Chanukah Sufganiot (Doughnuts)

Happy Chanukah! I did a thing. I made sufganiot (soof-gan-ee-ot) which are filled doughnuts. I wasn’t planning on having this post because my family usually just buys some from a bakery, but 2020 has already been so wild, why not just make our own doughnuts this year! This was actually my first time ever!

Found a super simple dough recipe from Once Upon a Chef (link here). It was a pretty basic yeast dough but it has a bit of nutmeg in it which gives it a little something extra. After about an hour of rising, it had doubled in size and was so airy. It was a little sticky, so a floured surface/board is crucial for this.

Rolling was so easy too, you don’t even need to use a rolling pin. You just pat it down until it’s 1/4″ thick. The recipe says to make a 10″x12″ rectangle because then you cut it like a grid into squares. But I had a 2″ circle cutter so I used that instead. I like the classic look of a round doughnut. I got about 2 dozen from this batch plus all the scraps which are the best snack – just toss them with a little icing sugar. You don’t want to mess with the dough (ie. re-rolling scraps) because that would take away from the light and fluffy texture.

Once they are all cut, it’s time to fry in a little vegetable oil. They got nice and golden brown and really puffed up even more. Then they just have to cool down and they’re ready to fill. You can use any filling you want – chocolate, jams, custard, caramel. For mine today, I have some with dulce de leche (milk caramel) and others with homemade lemon curd (not pictured). YUM!

I love tangy lemon desserts so I had to make lemon curd for these doughnuts. I used a recipe from Crazy for Crust (link here). It took a few extra minutes for my curd to thicken up on the stove but when it did, it was beautiful. So smooth and bright and just delicious.

The sweet dulce de leche and lemon curd were the perfect fillings because their sweetness went well with the rather plain-flavoured doughnut. It was a good balance. And you always need to have the little sprinkle of icing sugar, just makes them so pretty. These doughnuts were incredible. They were so fluffy and not heavy at all.

It took a little time from start to finish (~3 hours including rising time) but the result was definitely worth it. I would highly recommend making your own sufganiot if you can! Chag Sameach!

Dulce de leche filling. You can see how light and airy the dough is.

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  1. TanyaDesigns says:

    OMG! How absolutely delightful! Love dolche deleche! I’ll use condensed (sweetened) coconut milk! Yummy, well done, cook and baker extraordinaire!


  2. Yum!! Looks so good!


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