Sweet Glazed Winter Veggies

I feel like when winter comes, all I want to cook is warm and hearty foods. These Sweet Glazed Winter Veggies are the perfect side dish for these cold days. They’re also just great for a monday (or any weekday) because they’re easy to make. Reminder: this Thug Kitchen 101 recipe and all the other ones I’ve made thus far can be found here –> Recipe Collection.

The veggies were a mix of potato, sweet potato and parsnip, and there was some chopped red onion too. I’ve made roasted (sweet) potatoes so many times, but I rarely cook with parsnips. I love how sweet everything gets after roasting in the oven. They work so well together and they look so pretty in the bowl.

This recipe was interesting in that you mix the vegetables with oil and spices, as well as some apple juice and wine/broth. I’ve never made roasted vegetables with that much liquid (more than 1/2 cup) in the pan but they cooked up nicely and got a little extra sweetness from the apple juice.

I really liked the sweetness with the thyme, it was the perfect flavours for fall/early winter. I think my favourite part of this was the red onions. Because they’re cut so small, they caramelize in the apple juice and get so sweet and delicious. You can’t skip them in the recipe.

I will say though, this recipe made a mess in my pan. Because of all the sugar in the vegetables plus the juice (and wine if you use it), it left a lot of caramelized bits. But a soak in super hot soapy water did the trick to clean it all up.

This was a really good side dish and it will probably make them again, but probably in a disposable pan.


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