Coffee Cake Muffins

TGIF! Got any plans for the weekend? Why not do some baking? I have the perfect recipe for you! I made these coffee cake muffins and they are the perfect afternoon snack! They are also a good light breakfast with tea or coffee. I got the recipe from damn delicious (link here).

It’s been a while since I’ve had a muffin and I don’t know the last time I ate coffee cake. Those two points were all the convincing I needed to make these muffins. I mean, there’s also nothing to not like about them, they’re so simple and covered in sweet goodness.

Everyone knows, the best part about coffee cake is the crumb on top. These muffins were not lacking at all in that department. There was probably 1/4 cup of the mixture on each muffin, it was pretty much a little mountain! Just make sure you press it gently into the batter when you sprinkle it on top, this helps it stay in place while baking. It definitely made a mess on the muffin pan but all those extra bits are just bonus snacks for the chef!

Also, the crumb is main source of sweetness because the actual muffins don’t have much sugar in them. It’s a good balance though, when you get a bite of the muffin with some of the crumb.

I like that both the crumb and muffin batter had lots of cinnamon because that’s pretty much the only flavouring in coffee cake. It was very moist and fluffy. Real good muffin!

The one thing I changed, mostly because I forgot to do it, was making the glaze. I honestly don’t think it was even necessary to make because the crumb added a good amount of sweetness, I can’t imagine having any more sugar on top.

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