Tahini Fudge

I am not a big fan of tahini but my mom loves it so she wanted me to make this recipe. So I made it for her but I tried to keep an open mind for myself too. Also, I’m not a big fudge eater, it’s just usually way too sweet and I can only have a tiny piece. So this was definitely an interesting choice of Thug Kitchen recipe for me this week.

The actual recipe was quite straightforward to make – blend everything together until smooth, sprinkle with nuts and then chill until firm. There are only 7 ingredients so it really couldn’t be simpler. It all combined quite nicely and my mixture got pretty smooth, and it has a light brown colour from the tahini.

Yes, tahini has a strong sesame flavour on its own, but it sort of gets mellowed out from the sweetness of the dates and powdered sugar. There is a lot of richness from the tahini but also from the coconut milk. It was a very creamy-looking mixture, even though there is no dairy! This version of fudge is definitely healthier than traditional fudges too because it has a lot less sugar. It’s also not in-your-face sweet, it has more of a sweet and savoury flavour.

After about 2 hours in the fridge, my fudge was still pretty soft. I cut it up and then decided to stick it in the freezer to firm up more. This was the key. The texture got much better because it was less sticky.

Like I said before, I tried keeping an open mind when tasting the fudge. I could definitely taste the tahini right away but it wasn’t so strong because of the sugar balancing it out. I also liked the light flavour from the coconut oil and milk coming through. My fave part was the crunch of the pistachios. The added texture was welcomed because the rest was so smooth and soft.

I probably won’t be making this again, it’s just not my style but my family loved it so that’s something. If you like the strong sesame flavour of tahini, you will love this fudge.


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