(Not Terrible) Lentil Soup

Yes, it is Monday so this is another recipe from Thug Kitchen 101. The name of this really is “Not Terrible Lentil Soup”. I guess it’s pretty common to have bad lentil soup, I fortunately have never experienced that. But I can say that this soup was quite delicious.

I liked that it was a pretty chunky soup which I think is pretty rare for lentil soups. I don’t want to have a soup that is mostly broth, I want a variety of textures. There was lots going on with the quinoa and lentils, they pack a good amount of fibre and protein. I used green lentils (instead of red) because they hold their shape better when cooked – I find red lentils get too mushy. There was also the carrots and spinach which added lots of colour and of course, more texture too.

Flavour-wise, lentil soups don’t have so much going on, but I love their simplicity. This one just had broth for saltiness, as well as ginger and cumin for a little heat. There was also turmeric and paprika which gave the soup a nice yellow colour. The touch of lemon at the end really helped to brighten everything up.

I have no complaints about this soup, it was super tasty and very filling. It would be a great lunch with a little bread or side salad. Yum.

Hope you all have a good week and stay warm with some soup πŸ™‚ .


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