Quinoa Taco Mix

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As you know, I have a new cookbook (Thug Kitchen 101) from which I have already made a few recipes. I want to cook more from this book so I have decided to share one recipe every Monday! For the first recipe this month, I made Quinoa Taco Mix.

I love vegetarian taco fillings because they can be just as hearty as regular meat options. This recipe was no exception. The base is cooked quinoa and black beans, but there is also bell peppers and onion for crunch. That mixture is flavoured with classic Mexican ingredients including jalapeno pepper, chili powder and smoked paprika. It was really well seasoned with just a hint of spice.

This mixture was so tasty on its own, I actually ate some leftovers in a bowl for lunch the next day. But when you scoop some of it into a tortilla and top it with all the classic fixins, that’s when it becomes a true fiesta! I couldn’t find corn tortillas, so I used flour ones, which worked just the same. My toppings were romaine lettuce, chopped avocado and salsa.

I didn’t overcomplicate things because I wanted the taco mix to shine through. Every bite had a variety of textures and flavours, it was so good. A couple of these tacos was an awesome dinner.

Like I mentioned before, how I ate leftovers in a bowl the next day, you could easily turn this into a taco salad if you wanted to skip the tortilla. Just put a base of lettuce, topped with the taco mix, followed by your fave fixins. That would be equally delicious and a little healthier!


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  1. TanyaDesigns says:

    Wow, Lindsay! This looks super colorful, (very welcome on a drab grey day like today) and so delicious! The Cookbook sounds great, thanks for sharing! And good luck, happy cooking and eating!


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