Pumpkin Pancakes

I’ve saved the best recipe for the last of pumpkin week! I made these vibrant pumpkin pancakes. The recipe is from Once Upon a Chef (link here).

There is no food colouring in these pancakes, the colour comes solely from canned pumpkin puree. Aside from colour, the pumpkin also adds lots of moisture and helps to keep the pancakes super fluffy. I forgot to mention at the beginning of the week, but pumpkin is actually quite nutritious too! It has lots of vitamin A which is important for good eyesight.

These wouldn’t be true fall pancakes if they didn’t have warm flavours like cinnamon and ginger. I almost add cinnamon to my pancake batter but the addition of ginger makes it more warm and seasonal. I also added a little nutmeg to replace the allspice that the recipe called for.

The batter was so simple to make too. It wasn’t super thick which made it easy to spoon into the pan. The pancakes cooked up perfectly, the key is to not cook them over too high of a heat. They need time to cook through and stay nice and fluffy, which these were!

These were a good breakfast, especially with the shot of maple syrup on the side! These would be perfect to make for Halloween which is coming up soon 🙂 .


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