Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hello hello and welcome to week 2 (of 2) of fall themed recipes on my blog! This week, my special ingredient is PUMPKIN which I think is the food most associated with the season. You already know how much I love squash but pumpkin sort of hits differently. It’s so creamy and sweet but a little earthy too. It is commonly used in sweet recipes (usually paired with pumpkin spice) but it can also be incorporated into savoury recipes.

Whatever pumpkin recipes you decide to make, you can either use canned pumpkin puree or make your own! I actually made my own puree last year and it worked out well but it definitely requires more effort than just opening a can. If you’ve got the time and patience, I would suggest trying to make it yourself, mostly just for the experience 🙂 .

For the first pumpkin recipe, I decided to make a pretty classic and well-known beverage. I made a pumpkin spice latte using a recipe from Inspired Taste (link here). Over the years, most coffee chains have come out with their own versions. I believe they originally only contained pumpkin pie spice (mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove) but now they have actually added in pumpkin puree for the full pumpkin flavour. The drink is almost like liquid pumpkin pie but with the addition of coffee which is makes it acceptable to consume in the AM.

This was my first time making this drink and I was quite impressed with the result. I used espresso because I wanted the coffee flavour to stand up to the other ingredients. It was a nice balance between the pumpkin, spices and the espresso. I used 2 tbsp of sugar (recipe suggested 1-3 tbsp) and I thought it was the perfect level of sweetness for me. Instead of whipped cream on top, I made a little frothed milk which was equally delicious and contained much less fat.

Making your own latte is pretty easy, turns out yummy and it’s WAY cheaper than going to a fancy café and forking out $5-10 for one. If you have pretty glasses like I do though, you can feel like you are in a fancy café anyways! Cheers!

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