Creamy Apple Slaw

As a finale to apple week, I wanted to go in a slightly different direction with a savoury recipe. The apple here is more of a support character rather than the main act, but it still has its time to shine. You may not think to use apples in things like salads and coleslaws but they add such a nice crunch as well as acidity and sweetness, which makes them perfect.

Today I used some apples in this creamy coleslaw. This is one of the easiest ways to use up cabbage, as well as other items that you already have in the fridge. The combination of cabbage and apple with all the other ingredients is delicious. I found the recipe from Cooking Classy (link here).

The actual slaw was made up of cabbage, carrots, cranberries and almonds (supposed to have green onions too). It had a nice mix of crunchy and chewy, and the colours were nice too. I wish I had the green onions though, would’ve given an extra pop.

Most creamy coleslaws have a dressing made of mayonnaise which can be heavy and not very healthy. But this one is made with mostly fat free greek yogurt and only a touch of mayonnaise. So it has a lot less fat but has the same lovely creaminess that you expect. The greek yogurt (along with apple cider vinegar) gives the dressing a little more tang so you may need to compensate with a drizzle extra honey if desired. I loved the hint of sour though, I thought it balanced nicely with the sweet cranberries and pieces of apple.

I hope you liked apple week and now you have a couple new ways to use this super versatile ingredient. I hope you are excited for next week though, I made 3 recipes with a different fall ingredient. Let me know what you think it is! 🙂


Want to learn more about cabbage?

Cabbage is so good for you – it is packed with vitamin C and K, as well as some fibre. I know it can be a little smelly sometimes (because of the sulphur in it), but cabbage is delicious – raw or cooked.

My favourite way to cook cabbage is in a stirfry. Simply saute vegetables of choice (ie: onion, bell pepper, carrot, cabbage, zucchini) along with any proteins (ie: tofu, chicken, beef, edamame). Once everything is fully cooked, season with desired flavours. My go-to sauce is usually a peanut sauce, in which I have a great recipe on my blog – check it out here 🙂 .


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