Apple Pie Oatmeal

I’m continuing this fall apple week with a warm and hearty breakfast… apple pie oatmeal! You know how much I love oatmeal, I’ve got a variety of recipes on my blog already! But I have somehow never made this flavour so it worked out perfectly for apple week 🙂 .

I found a recipe from the Sugar Dish Me website (link here) and it was super straightforward and easy to follow. It has cooked apples as well as fresh apples on top so you get the duo of textures from that which is nice. There is also lots of cinnamon, as well as nutmeg and ginger which all help to make it so comforting and perfect for cool fall mornings.

I used brown sugar instead of the honey because I wanted the more “caramelly” flavour from the molasses. I also wanted to keep the oats super thick so I didn’t pour any milk on top like the recipe says you can do. With both of those changes, this oatmeal actually became vegan. It’s amazing that even without any dairy, the oatmeal was so creamy and rich.

I also loved the extra little sprinkle of brown sugar on top before eating. It added a touch more sweetness and just melted right in to the warm oats – it almost looks like syrup in the photo.

This was such a great breakfast. One batch of oats made two generous portions and I was full for a while after eating. I will definitely make this recipe again because it was so easy, delicious and only took like 10 minutes of cooking time.


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