Oat Milk

I’m a fan of non-dairy milks. Many years ago, I went through a soy milk phase but that didn’t last too long. Then I discovered almond milk – I love the brand Earth’s Own (it’s a Canadian company) – this phase has been the past few years. But in between this current phase, this same company came out with a line of oat milks, which intrigued me. I was excited to try it because it uses a lot less water to make and it’s a nut-free alternative. I fell in love haha. I like it a lot more than almond milk.

The one downside with these dairy-free milk alternatives is that they tend to be a little expensive. When you think about the few ingredients that are required to make these “milks”, it makes you think, “why can’t I make this myself?” – so I did. I opted to make oat rather than almond milk because oats are much cheaper, and they are easier to blend in a not-so-strong blender.

There are so many recipes online for oat milk and they are all pretty much the same. The most basic is just oats and water, but others add flavourings like vanilla, maple syrup/dates and a little salt. The recipe I made was from Minimalist Baker (link here), and it was the the latter form. So it was just 5 ingredients and pretty easy to make.

Like I mentioned, I don’t have a super powerful blender (though I wish I did), but this oat milk turned out pretty well. I blended all the ingredients together and used cheesecloth to remove the oat ‘pulp’. I should have strained it twice because there were still little bits of oat in the final product, which gave a weird mouthfeel.

But overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It was super creamy and not too sweet which I liked. I used this milk in smoothies and cereal and it tastes good. If you are going to make your own oat milk, store it in an airtight bottle (like mine) and it only stays fresh for about 5 days.

This is going to be my new weekly project. Anyone else make their own milks? Tell me about your experiences πŸ™‚


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