Passover Apple Cake

Happy monday. I hope everyone is hanging in there. It’s about half way through passover and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve eaten many of the forgotten cookies that I posted on friday (link here) and they have been the perfect sweet treat.

For a little change though, I decided to make a cake. I never really make many cakes on passover because they’re usually really dry and just not tasty. But after a lot of research, I found a recipe that seemed to be pretty good. It’s from a website called SparkRecipes, link here.

It was a very easy recipe. You slice a couple apples and lay them down in your baking pan, trying to make a nice pattern/design. Slice them thinly to ensure they cook all the way through. Once you have that done, you mix your batter in a bowl and spread that on to, making sure to not ruin your apples. It bakes in the oven for only about 25 minutes. After it has cooled, run a knife around the outside and flip it over to reveal the pretty apples.

It was a pretty good passover cake. I find using cake meal/matzah cake meal (compared to real flour) results in slightly drier baked goods, but this cake wasn’t too bad. The cake itself wasn’t too sweet either but with a piece of apple, it was perfect.

To make this cake even better, I would serve it with ice cream. That way, it would almost be like an every day apple cake.

PS. The dots on the apples are imprints from the pan I used. I know it might look a little silly


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