Quinoa Salad Bowl

I’m really trying to post more of my meals, even if they are simple. Some days I’m just not in the mood to make anything extravagant. I sort of just threw things together and ended up with a yummy bowl of food. But that means I unfortunately don’t have an exact recipe to give.

My salad had some cooked quinoa, canned black beans, steamed asparagus, raw bell pepper and sliced green onion. You could use whatever vegetables you would like. You can also add dried fruits or nuts. The only seasoning/dressing I used was some red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. It was so simple but delicious.

On the side, for some protein, I made a super easy tuna salad. Just used canned tuna with some mayonnaise, capers and black pepper. I love the briny saltiness from the capers.

Canned tuna is such a great ingredient to have on hand when you can’t get out to do shopping. It’s so versatile and super healthy.

How is everyone doing with self-quarantine and social/physical distancing? Have you been cooking more at home or ordering take out?


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  1. TanyaDesigns says:

    Thank you Lindsay, great delicious staple ideas are most welcome. I’m actually enjoying cooking stuff from scratch, baking moist banana loaves, apple muffins and gluten free breads.

    I pray that you and your family — and we all — come through this with a true appreciation of what really matters in life: good food, friends, love and health!


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