Colourful Veggie Tacos

This was one of those meals that I had no idea if it would work well. I sort of just pulled out random ingredients that I had in my fridge and ended up with some tacos.

I started with a frozen Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Burger (I love this brand, they’re really nice veggie burgers that don’t have lots of unhealthy ingredients). I cooked it in a frying pan, as directed, until heated through and golden brown. Then I took it out of my pan and chopped it up to make little burger crumbles. (Side note: this company also makes frozen bean crumbles, but this is what I had in my freezer). I gave my pan a little wipe down and threw my mini tortillas in, just to get a little toasty. I flipped them over then sprinkled a little shredded cheese. Once that was melted and the tortilla got crispy, I put them on my plate.

I sprinkled some of my veggie burger pieces on each tortilla and then it was time for the toppings. I had chopped pickled peppers, thinly sliced radish, mashed avocado (guacamole) and chopped cilantro. They looked so cute and tasted amazing. I’ve never melted cheese for a taco but it was so much better than just sprinkling cold cheese on top at the end.

I wouldn’t normally use a burger and put it into tacos but it was delicious. I think it worked so well because it was a bean burger that had other veggies in it too (peppers, corn). There were some nice mexican flavours and it was a pretty simple dinner.

For a non-vegetarian option, you could easily just use ground beef or chicken with some taco seasoning, then proceed with the other toppings as normal.

If you take nothing else away from this meal, you have to melt your cheese on your tortillas before making your tacos. Game changer!


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