Recipe #78: Kale & Quinoa Salad with Crispy Celery, Plumped Cranberries & Lemon Dressing

I can’t believe this is the fourth last recipe I’ll be making from this cookbook. I will be posting the last recipes every day until thursday this week. I started going through this cookbook back in September and now here I am in March. Time has flown by. I’m a little sad that I’m almost done this book. If you’ve never cooked your way though a cookbook, I would recommend trying it out. It’s a fun journey.


There were several other kale salad recipes in this book and they’ve all been delicious. You can check out those posts here: recipe 29, recipe 65, recipe 72.

This salad was different from the others in that it had a grain (quinoa) which made it a more substantial kale salad, almost a meal. It was very hearty in that sense. It is also great for make-ahead lunches because it won’t wilt like other green salads.

Each ingredient in this salad has a purpose. The crunch of the celery and almonds added a nice contrast from the softer items. I love the goat cheese, it adds a touch of tang and a whole lot of creaminess. The cranberries (which get plumped by sitting in the pot of quinoa) give some sweetness which is good too. The last thing is the dressing which brightens everything up and adds the perfect amount of dijon mustard flavour.

I quite enjoyed this salad and I’m looking forward to eating the leftovers ASAP.


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