Recipe #76: Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili

I hope you’re enjoying all my posts so far this week. I’m keeping the momentum going with this really good veggie chili. This is a nice mexican inspired dish that is perfect for dinner any night. It has chipotle in adobo sauce which gives a some smokey flavour and touch of spice. It’s also loaded with squash, other veggies and beans, making it very nutritious.

I used frozen cubed butternut which saved a little time on prep for this chili. I just added it to the pot from frozen and it cooked with everything else. The recipe says it is supposed to cook for 1 hour but my squash was tender after about 30 minutes. Maybe I was using a slightly higher heat or my squash cubes were smaller? Either way, dinner was ready earlier than anticipated and there’s nothing wrong with that!

It turned out wonderfully, it was chunky and filling. Such a warm and comforting meal. I did make the tortilla chips but totally forgot to sprinkle them on top before taking the picture. I guess I was excited to eat 😛 But the chips with avocado and cliantro were perfect toppings. This would be good served with cornbread for a nice southern addition too.

I don’t have too much to say about this chili. It was just an easy one pot meal and I’m sure kids would love the flavours.


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