Recipe #74: Crispy Kale Pizza with Marinara Sauce

I’m continuing the final stretch of cooking with this kale pizza. I’ve never thought of putting kale on a pizza, but it works surprisingly well. Combining delicious cheese pizza with crispy kale chips, which are both good on their own, somehow taste better together.

This pizza uses the same dough as the heirloom tomato pesto pizza that I made months ago (link here). For whatever reason, the dough turned out better this time than it did the last. It was much puffier, so maybe my yeast was old last time? Not sure, but I’m happy it was good today.

But again, this dough is so simple and doesn’t need to sit for hours to rise which makes for quick dinner preparation. I also love that it is 100% whole wheat, it is much better for you than white refined flour. It baked up well, it was crispy and golden brown.

The tomato sauce was really flavourful and so easy to make. It had good seasoning and wasn’t too acidic at all, like some sauces can be. I made the two pizzas and I had so much sauce remaining. I guess I could use it on its own as pasta sauce, or mix it with some milk to make a rosee. That would be yummy.

The plain cheese pizza would be great on its own but the crispy kale adds that great texture. It’s also adding veggies to the meal to make it more nutritious. This is a perfect meal to serve with salad or soup. You can enjoy pizza night without feeling guilty anymore!


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