Recipe #72: Taco Party

I can’t believe that it is the end of February and I only have 9 recipes to go. This cookbook flew by and I’m just so happy with this journey. Using this book has really broadened my mind to the expanse of vegetarian cooking. I also just want to mention that my march newsletter is going out on Monday the 2nd 🙂 Make sure to subscribe —–> click here

Now let’s get to the tacos. There were so many different components that I made but they were all good on their own (and especially together). And as you can see, they are super colourful which makes them so pretty to look at.

I’ll start with the refried beans because they went on the tortillas first. Side note: I used small flour tortillas because I couldn’t find corn ones. I’ve never actually made refried beans but these turned out really well. They were really creamy but still had some texture from the unmashed beans, and they were well seasoned with cumin, and sauteed onion and garlic.

Next is the kale slaw. It was delicious. It would be good served as a salad. The kale is super soft from massaging it (make sure you do that for any raw kale preparation to make it easier to eat). The toasted pepitas and feta add nice texture and salty punch, respectively, which make the kale more exciting. The dressing was super simple but the jalapeno gave a little kick. It was just a well balanced mix and went great on these tacos.

On top of the slaw was the roasted vegetables. I used zucchini (instead of mushrooms) and bell peppers. They cooked with some chili powder for a nice mexican flare. The peppers still had a bit of crunch and sweetness which was nice.

Then I had 3 extra toppings, first of which was pickled red onions. This is from the back of the book and I thought they would be great on these tacos. It was a super simple preparation and the onions are crunchy but not as strong as when they are raw. I like the bit of acid they deliver too.

Second was the avocado-cilantro sauce which is also in the back of the book. It has all the same ingredients as guacamole but it’s blended to make this super creamy sauce. It was bright from the cilantro and lime plus a little jalapeno spice.

Last thing was leftover salsa verde that I made last week (link here). It gave another pop of flavour and freshness to these tacos.

These tacos were honestly incredible. You don’t have to make all the things I did, but it is worth it. For a simpler version, just make the beans and kale salad. I think they would good on their own with a little prepared salsa or guacamole. With the leftovers, I made a taco bowl with all the components (minus tortilla). I will eat that tomorrow with some tortilla chips. Whichever preparation you choose, I know you will love it. I hope you’ll make these this weekend to celebrate the leap year 🙂

This was my lunch for the next day – just put everything in a container (minus tortilla) for a taco bowl. Yum!

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