Recipe #71: Green Goddess Hummus

Between the yum & yummer book before and the love real food book now, I’ve made lots of bean-based dips. My fave from yum & yummer was the sweet potato and white bean dip (link here). It had some classic flavours but the sweet potato gave a nice twist. This hummus today also had some classic flavours but with a green goddess twist. If you’re tired of plain hummus, you should try this version.

I’ve never really eaten much “green goddess”, but I really like it. I made that green goddess kale salad a couple weeks ago which was absolutely delicious (link here). All the greenness (parsley, cilantro, green onion) gives so much freshness and make this hummus so flavourful. The lemon helped to make it very bright too. It also has a good amount of tahini which gives lots of richness. It was just a well-seasoned and tasty hummus.

I served it with homemade pita chips which have the perfect amount of crunch and do a good job of scooping the hummus. These are the same pita chips from the spinach-artichoke dip (link here).

This hummus would be great on a sandwich or wrap too. It’s just such a versatile and delicious dip.

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