Recipe #70: Tuscan White Bean, Kale & Farro Stew

Meal in a bowl, that’s what this was. It’s one of those soups/stews that is an entire meal because it has grains, protein and tons of veggies. It was nice comfort food and the recipe yields a huge pot of stew so it’s perfect for second helpings or leftovers. I’m so happy with how this soup came out, it looked exactly like the picture in the book, and it was delicious.

I used long grain brown rice instead of farro because that’s what I had at home. It was perfectly cooked in the soup. It was the rice and beans which helped to make this soup so filling. I loved all the vegetables in it too. They add so much colour and texture and of course, tons of vitamins and nutrients.

Another thing I liked while eating this stew is that the broth was super creamy and rich. This must have been from the olive oil added at the end of cooking. It wasn’t a huge amount of oil but it was the perfect amount to take this soup to a more decadent level.

Lastly, I omitted the parmesan cheese which I honestly didn’t even miss. This soup was so flavourful on its own that to me, it didn’t need the garnish. And because of that omission, this meal became dairy free and vegan, so it’s great for everyone to eat. I hope you will try it!

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