Recipe #69: Apple Crisp Breakfast Parfaits

Whenever I’m not really in the mood to cook anything for breakfast, I’ll just have a bowl of cereal or yogurt/cottage cheese with fruit. It’s super simple and still healthy. These parfaits are changing the yogurt game though. The added component of the stewed apples is so much better than raw berries or sliced banana.

I love the whole apple crisp vibe of this meal. First, the plain yogurt is transformed with a little maple syrup and cinnamon. Side note: I have never seen cinnamon flavoured yogurt in the stores but I would totally buy it if it was available. Or I can continue to make it myself. It’s just so simple but makes plain yogurt taste so much better. I even put half the amount of maple because I didn’t want to make it overly sweet.

Then, the cooked apples were delicious. It was a mix between stewed apples and apple sauce. I like that it was still chunky because it gave good texture to the parfait. I actually made the apples the night before so that they would be ready in the morning. These apples would be good on top of ice cream or in a crepe too. I’m just thinking of all the things I’ll do with the leftovers.

For the granola, instead of making the recipe for the favourite granola, I used some that I had in the freezer. It was the pina colada granola. Since it’s been in the freezer, it stays fresh and tasted just as good as when I first made it. You could use any granola or cereal you wanted for the topping here. As long as it gives a nice crunch to your parfait, it’s perfect.

The creamy yogurt with soft apple and crunchy granola was delicious. I think you will love this breakfast too. You can always just put everything in a bowl to make eating easier, but eating it as a parfait is more enjoyable.


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