New York City: Sweet & Savoury Foods

Happy tuesday! It was a holiday long weekend where I live (and in most other Canadian provinces) and I went on a little trip with my family. We went to new york city. I hadn’t been there since 2012 so I was excited to again, now that I was a little older.

We were pretty much there for 2 full days so I tried to fit as many things/places/restaurants in that amount of time. We weren’t able to get everything done that I had hoped, but it was still a really nice trip. Since I had so many good foods, I’ve decided to just post them all together, instead of making several individual posts.

First food I’ll talk about is pizza. You can’t go to NYC without having new york pizza. You can pretty much get a slice at any street corner, but there are some restaurants that are better than others, quality-wise. I went to Joe’s Pizza (in West Village). I know so many people that recommended this place, so I had to go. It’s a no-frills kind of place with simple toppings and classic techniques. There was a line in the store but it moved fast. We got a cheese slice for $3 which is a bargain, and it was huge. It was so fresh and cheesy. I found the sauce to be a little sweeter than other pizza sauces which I liked. Plus, of course, new york pizza is thin, so you typically fold it in half to eat. Great slice of ‘za.

Next is another new york classic: deli. There are lots of big restaurants that specialize in deli, possibly the most well known is Katz’s. We were going to go there, but we happened upon another place instead – Junior’s restaurant (I went to location on 49th st). I have heard of Junior’s for their amazing cheesecake but I didn’t really know they had deli. I had a reuben sandwich and it was incredible. The meat was so moist and there was lots of cheese and sauerkraut. The bread was super crispy and held everything together well. I shared that sandwich with my mom (we also split some soup) and we were so full, we didn’t have room in our stomachs for cheesecake 😦 I’ll just have to make another trip to try it haha.

The last 2 things were treats, I’ll start with the pudding. This is from Magnolia Bakery (I went to Rockefeller location). I had been following their account on instagram for a long time and I would always see posts about their famous banana pudding. There was something about it and I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so obviously it was on the list for this trip. To some, pudding might not sound that great, but I definitely recommend giving it a try. It almost had like trifle vibes because there are cakey wafers and banana chunks mixed into the pudding which also added nice textures. It was a great dessert. They also have special flavours (like chocolate and red velvet) for a twist on the classic.

Finally we have the cronut. These were actually created in 2013 in NYC and were super trendy. Although they may be less popular now, I still wanted to try one. I went to the Donut Pub (in West Village). If you aren’t familiar, a cronut (croissant-doughnut) is a doughnut that is made with a dough that is similar to croissant dough. The result is a doughnut that has lots of flaky and buttery layers, then is glazed for some sweetness. It was super fresh and light and totally worth all the calories πŸ˜› .

There were other foods consumed this weekend but these were definitely the highlights. What are some of your favourite new york city foods? Let me know πŸ™‚

*Reminder, my post for recipe #67 will be up tomorrow. I hope you’re having a good week!


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  1. TanyaDesigns says:

    Wow! You sure had a great gastronomic trip to NYC! All the food sounds amazing, especially the sandwich and the trifly pudding. Thnx for another fun ppst

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