Recipe #65: Green Goddess Kale Salad

Kale has come from being a little garnish on plates to now the star of the dish. It is honestly one of my favourite greens (and even one of my favourite veggies). It’s so versatile – can use it in smoothies, soups, stews, and of course salads.

I’ve made a couple different kale salad recipes before and they keep getting better than the ones prior. This one has lots of crunchy and colourful veggies (cucumber, carrot, radish) plus a creamy avocado-lemon-parsley dressing. It was so good. You have to try it.

The best part of the recipe is massaging the kale with a bit of salt. This helps to make it less tough and easier to eat, especially because it is raw. The salt almost helps to wilt the kale slightly and draws out some moisture which is what makes the kale softer. It is also just fun to play with your food, so I enjoyed that πŸ˜›

The combination of the kale with the veggies and dressing (plus extra crunch of sunflower seeds) was so tasty. It was the perfect side dish and it would go with any meal you were serving. It would be great for parties too. It’s easy to eat veggies when they taste this good! This salad is also great the next day because the kale is sturdy enough to last in the fridge.

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