Recipe #64: Banana Nut Bread

Boy, do I love banana bread, especially when it has lots of chopped nuts. It is the perfect breakfast or snack. It’s also great to make it with overripe bananas because they’ll add so much sweetness, and you could probably cut down the amount of added sugar. These are also very nutritious because they contain 100% whole wheat flour.

This batter was so simple to make and only used one mixing bowl which made for an easy cleanup. I decided to make muffins because they take much less time to bake and they are pre-portioned for eating on the go.

They baked up so nicely and golden brown on top. They were quite moist and fluffy inside too. Most importantly, these muffins were very banana-ey. I like the touch of toasting the walnuts before mixing into the batter, it gave a little more nuttiness (as well as a little crunch). Also, I don’t usually use olive oil in my baking but it added such a nice richness to the muffins which I enjoyed.

I currently have some muffins in the fridge and the rest are in the freezer for longer storage. I have a feeling they won’t last very long before getting gobbled up though 😛


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