Recipe #63: Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream Sundaes

I am finishing the week off with a nice dessert that you can serve this weekend. Regular ice cream is good on its own, but turning it into a sundae with a delicious strawberry sauce plus toppings is the way I’d rather go.

This sauce was simple to make and even though it was cooked, it still tasted so fresh. I guess that’s due to adding the strawberries at two separate times. The more “raw” berries gave a little texture to the sauce which I really liked. Regular strawberry sauce would be good but the balsamic in this one gave such a punch of flavour. It had a nice sweet and savoury effect.

Quick note on the balsamic: I accidentally put too much into the sauce – I read the recipe wrong – but I really like how it turned out anyway. You could really taste the vinegar when eating the sauce on its own. However, with the ice cream, I could hardly taste it so I would add even more next time for a bigger impact.

It was so good though and I put some chopped pecans on top for a little crunch. I think granola would be delicious on this sundae too. I have a feeling this sauce would even be good treated as jam – put on toast or scone.

Do you like the sweet and savoury combination? Let me know 🙂


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