Recipe #62: Colourful Weeknight Burrito Bowls

Yesterday’s chai latte (link here) may not have been the biggest success for me, but this burrito bowl was another story. A big bowl of cilantro lime rice with colourful bean and cabbage slaw plus guacamole and cheese. Yes. Please.

Each component of these bowls was flavoured so well that it all tasted good in its own. Then when eaten together, it all worked amazingly too. Everything is so fresh and bright too because of all the lime. Very tasty meal.

Starting with the rice – the base of the bowl. It had a good amount of lime and cilantro which made it much tastier than plain boring rice. It would be great to serve with any meal.

On top of that, was lots of homemade slaw. It was packed with black beans, red cabbage, bell pepper and green onion. So there was lots of crunch involved there. Then it had a super zippy lime dressing which I loved. Just making that salad to have for lunch with some chicken would be delicious.

My garnishes were simple guacamole (avocado, lime and salt) and shredded mozzarella/cheddar cheese (instead of feta). I kept the toppings quite simple and I really enjoyed it. I added a little spicy salsa after taking the picture just for a little extra heat. I really enjoyed this bowl and will definitely make again.


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