Recipe #56: Quinoa Piña Colada Granola

I love eating granola for breakfast. I would usually choose store bought for ease, but the recipe in this book is so simple. It might take 30ish minutes to prepare/bake but after that, it gets stored in the freezer for whenever you want some. This recipe is similar to the muesli that I made back in december (link here). I currently have both in my freezer and I like to alternate between the two, I’ve even tried them together on my yogurt for a twist.

The flavour of this granola is piña colada which is pineapple and coconut. Although I wish I was drinking a piña colada on a beach right now, this granola will do 😛 . This is a nice tropical-inspired food. There is the perfect amount of sweetness from the maple syrup and little bits of dried pineapple. Then the nuts and oats are crispy which gives tons of crunchy texture.

The process of making the granola just involves mixing the wet and dry ingredients* in a couple bowls then combining together. It gets spread on a big baking sheet and bakes. Everything gets dried out and turns golden brown. *the coconut gets mixed in halfway through baking and pineapple is mixed after granola is cooled.

I’ve been enjoying eating this granola (and muesli) on its own as a snack, on top of yogurt or cottage cheese, in a parfait or even in a bowl with some milk. Really yummy 🙂


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