Recipe #54: Shredded Brussels and Kale Hash with Crispy Parmesan

I’m one of those people who loves breakfast for dinner. There’s nothing wrong with eggs or pancakes at night time, it’s like having a treat. This hash recipe is categorized in the breakfast section of the cookbook but I decided to switch things up. I made this recipe and served it as a side dish to go with some roasted salmon and couscous. It was incredible and it all tasted so good together. Don’t get me wrong, it would be equally delicious in a bowl with a fried egg on top too – and I will likely be preparing it that way next time – but this was yummy.

For the vegetable mix, I changed the brussel sprouts for green cabbage, but they’re pretty similar so that wasn’t a big deal. I actually used a bag of coleslaw mix (red/green cabbage, carrot) which made prep really easy. All I had to do was grate a carrot (I wanted more carrot in the mix) and thinly slice the kale.

I ended up with a huge bowl of veggies that I coated with olive oil and salt. I skipped the parmesan cheese – making it dairy free and vegan – and added the full amount of olive oil like suggested in the recipe. (Side note: you could serve this with toast to have a fully vegan/dairy free meal). I dumped my bowl evenly onto 2 baking sheets. They were full. It definitely looks like a lot of veggies but once all the water is cooked out, they shrink down.

After baking (with mixing halfway), the veggies become super tender and slightly caramelized. I already love crispy kale but the cabbage was surprisingly good too. This is a great way to eat a ton of veggies without feeling like you’re eating a ton of veggies. Does that make sense? I hope it does haha.

This was a delicious way to end off the week and there are more yummy recipes planned for the rest of January! πŸ™‚


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